Enduring Investment.

For many years, the Fraser Foundation has worked to enhance the ability of philanthropic organizations and individual donors to serve the public good.

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United we stand.

Our membership comprises several of the world's leading corporate private and public foundations. Collectively, we provide millions in support of many nonprofits in the city and around the world.

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Fraser Foundation

  • Supports funders, grant organizations and members of nonprofits in sustained collaborations and knowledge sharing.

  • Promotes philanthropy through strategic programs and resources.

  • Connects nonprofit leaders with policymakers and influencers in their industry.

  • Supports constructive philanthropy and an active nonprofit sector.

  • Fosters communications about the value of philanthropy and nonprofits to the broader community.

  • Develops a diverse and able group of future philanthropic leaders.

For more information about the Fraser Foundation, please send your query to info@fraserfoundation.com